They call you on the phone, they make an appointment, you attend and treat the best of your client, they teach you what they are looking for, they inform you of their needs, your mind is working a thousand times an hour, devising the best solution so that you are very satisfied. You get home and start working on the project you present in a few days, prepare the budget and schedule the next visit to show you all your work so magnificent because you know what ideas you thought best to solve your need.

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Hearing this what’s normal and culturally natural for the majority of the inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere is an expression of disgust or astonishment on their faces. The truth is that a little more than a year ago the European Union (EU) approved a new legislative package known as Novel Food with the aim of making the authorization processes for the entry of new foods into the market simpler and faster; which adds healthy, nutritious and innovative foods to the variety already present in the EU market.

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