Negolutionaries, this is an issue in which we will learn about risks, a word very close to entrepreneurs. Whenever we are described, one of the characteristics that is said to identify us is that we are risk takers – and Cuban entrepreneurs surely have a lot to say in this regard!!! I am certain that each of us could write a book on these experiences! However, it is true that being daring identifies us worldwide.

Every entrepreneur, whether starting a new business or changing jobs, faces uncertainties and fears… Just how many are there to overcome, both internal and external? Among them, is the fear of failure. Especially at the tough beginning, when one constantly thinks: Am I making a mistake?… Those of us who have been in this entrepreneurial business for some time know that you never fail and you always learn.

This issue shares these stories – those of people who face risks and overcome fears, make mistakes, learn and reinvent themselves. On the cover we have Cristina Figueroa, an art entrepreneur who offers us a master class in business elegance, always focused on defending her passion. Then we have Luilver with Home Run, a solution for the housing market in Cuba, with an innovative spirit.

We take a look at the gastronomic phenomenon known as El Bicky, a cooperative that has managed to navigate the complex path of securing supplies and raw materials in this sector, and offers sustained quality and fantastic customer service. Meanwhile, Mandao returns with renewed spirit, a new business model and defending inclusion, ethics and respect for the community, as well as environmental care – a practice that is increasingly appreciated among entrepreneurs of our island, but towards which there remains much to do. We hope that Negolution can contribute to this process.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. Do not forget to register as entrepreneurs or companies in our new directory at: The more this community grows, the stronger it will be, and can help to inspire more entrepreneurs to overcome their fears and take risks. When you feel supported, you feel strong, and that feeling of loneliness and helplessness disappears. Negolutionaries, get online and connect with us! You are not alone, you have us and many other entrepreneurs!

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