We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we have in the creative process. This issue of Negolution is both interesting and entertaining. Gerbet, in the column dedicated to Digital Branding, invites us to reflect on the value of a like on social media, and the need to secure followers committed to our products or services. For our international success story, we decided to bring you that of Rappi, a Colombian enterprise that has reached a market value of over one billion dollars, and is set to become the largest technology company in Latin America.

I must confess that when the team submitted the articles on offer here, I eagerly read them all in one sitting. I immersed myself in the story of Niuris, her gift and her passion for cooking, making Atelier a kind of culinary workshop. In our Pitch section, you will discover the magazine Revista AM:PM, a publication devoted to the country’s musical production. We have the pleasure of presenting Yusef on our front cover, a Social Communications graduate who one day found himself designing and manufacturing furniture. Thanks to his efforts he has managed to produce, as strange as it may sound, intelligent furniture in Cuba. I recommend reading our Neguloso section, with the ever relevant commentary of Oniel Santana, regarding issues that concern and affect the country’s self-employed sector.

In this issue, we continue to offer you the In Best section, and we explain why despite the current difficult scenario, Cuba continues to secure capital in its tourism sector. We also report on how China decided to turn one of its biggest deserts green. As you can see, we bring you a varied issue, full of interesting topics. So negolutionaries, I suggest you do as I do: grab a cold drink, find somewhere comfortable, and enjoy the ride.

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