4 podcasts for entrepreneurs

I have found a new way to manage my time. I started running a month ago and I cover at least 20 to 25 kilometers a week, which means two and a half hours. During the first days, I did it listening to music, like everybody else, until I thought about doing something better during my run. So I started to listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship, and that’s why in this article I will talk about the ones I have found most interesting so far.

Quédate con el cambio, sabandija asquerosa (Keep the change, you filthy animal)

I have to admit that I fell in love even with the title of this podcast. David Moral and Alvaro Sanchez make use of well-cared for humor to tell us about their experiences as entrepreneurs, while helping their listeners make the dream of creating their own ventures come true. 

Great Women of Business

This podcast tells us about business savvy women who fought sexism all the way to the Executive Suite. They are both inspiring and stimulating stories. From Coco Chanel to Mrs. Fields, from Julia Child to Martha Stewart, this 12-episode special series features the triumphs of women ahead of their time. Through their stories, they examine their most innovative business principles and how they shaped their work and their lives. 

Cállate y vende (Shut up and sell)

In this podcast hosted by Gerardo Rodriguez, you can access tips and tools that can guarantee the professional success of any salesperson (and entrepreneur, of course). 

Libros para emprendedores (Books for entrepreneurs)

No more excuses… there is no more “I don’t have time to read.” Every week, Luis Ramos, using a charisma that prevents the podcast from being monotonous, summarizes a different book on business in about an hour. The topics cover a very wide spectrum: Marketing, networking, sales, motivation, leadership, etc.

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