4 tips for building customer confidence

These days, the same thing occurs with customers in terms of their relationships with companies and products as in their romantic relationships: they have had so many bad experiences that they believe in them less and less. It’s more difficult for them to love and trust us. And here I state the obvious: without trust, there is no business, and without business there is no money. Therefore, in this issue I bring you some tips on how to earn the loyalty of your clients.

1- Listen to them.

The Internet has completely changed the way of selling. While it is true that just a few years ago, the customer arrived at our establishment and we could provide all possible information about a particular product; today, when clients approach us, they usually already have all that information. So our job is to LISTEN to them, as we can advise them based on their needs. Often, we don’t have to sell the idea to them. Our task is limited to making the client feel understood and satisfied.

2- The customer is always our priority

One day I read that the first thing you need to have a business is a customer. It’s true. Then I learned that a healthy business needs to revolve around its customers. To gain their trust, we need to continually provide them with an excellent service. In addition, we must be able to resolve any incident derived from our management or from the product itself. It’s necessary to show them that, above all else, they are the center of our attention.

3- Promote customer reviews

One of our most powerful tools. Why? Because they provide the proof, through a third party, that our service or product is of quality and that we deliver on what we promise! An appropriate review, in which a client outlines what we have done for them, will break down many of the possible barriers when another is considering working with us.

4- Constant improvement.

Remember this: It is more costly to secure a new customer than it is to keep an old one. Our duty is to make the customers we already have fall in love with us, so that they don’t leave us for the competition. We must be able to offer them Premium services, once they have already made their first purchases. It is our responsibility to make them feel like they are part of a new family. Constantly updating ourselves and seeking further improvement will make our customers trust us completely.

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