Aceites Lala: One hundred percent natural

When sisters Yoena and Azul Labrada Leiva started a family project, they did not imagine that it would have such positive results in such a short period of time. For the name they chose the nickname of their maternal grandmother, an entrepreneur through and through.

Aceites Lala thus entered the new business scene with natural products that have been in high demand in Matanzas in recent months.

“The idea came from a personal need to use natural derivatives to stimulate hair growth and hydration. Straight hair no longer suited me and it seemed like a good time to go back to my curls,” Yoena tells us.

“I started researching and watching tutorials on YouTube, prepared my own blends with the oils and the result was excellent. We had to take this experience to another level and decided to market them. We specialize in different lines, including coconut, but we also experimented with rosemary, avocado seed and ginger.”

The community of Aceites Lala lovers grows every day. An idea that emerged in the most difficult period of the lockdown, offers the people of Matanzas an essence that seeks changes in cosmetics and health.

“Joining the group of entrepreneurs in the city has changed our lives, and we have come to understand that when you put your mind to it, an idea can change the course of your life. We opened up a range of possibilities for our customers to treat their bodies in a natural way and spoil themselves just as they deserve. I believe that this is precisely where our success lies.”

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