D´Brujas moves its spells to an online store

Perhaps the most magical business in Havana, and the first private enterprise in the Caribbean island dedicated to natural cosmetics, with a varied catalog of products, recognized and in high demand, not only in the Cuban capital. The D´Brujas girls, led by Sandra Aldama, as founder of the enterprise, have been in business for 8 years and never cease to reinvent themselves and offer new surprises.

For Sandra, as for many other Cubans, COVID-19 has demanded much more creativity, resilience and inventiveness to be able to maintain the business. As she describes it, it has been “a long road, with ups and downs, stumbles, battles won and many good surprises… just like life itself.”

Which is why very recently, Sandra and the other 7 ”witches” who accompany her in mixing up ingredients in the D´Brujas kitchen, decided to surprise their customers by opening an online store (dbrujas.com). A new space where their beauty and skin care products can be purchased.

Like many businesses, D´Brujas had to close its physical store as a result of the pandemic, but rather than being a problem, this represented an opportunity to discover and apply new business strategies.

“At that time, the use of social networks and all the online interaction with customers was promoted. We established the home delivery service, which was very popular from the beginning. Opening a D´Brujas virtual store is now more a necessity than the mere fact of promoting its image. We started by using the usual channels (WhatsApp) to take requests for orders for the products that we were able to produce.

“But after 1 year and 6 months of coexisting with COVID-19, the volume of orders already exceeds our level of response, especially because we have always maintained personalized attention to all those who contact us, whether they are regular customers or new ones that have been arriving,” Sandra explains.

The online store opened on September 8, the same day that D´Brujas celebrated its eighth birthday, with a catalog that currently offers soaps and four types of balms. Deliveries are made from 3 to 5 days after the order is placed, following coordination with the customer.

“It offers us the possibility that customers can access the site at any time of the day or week to make their purchase.”

Sandra and her team are also taking steps to become a micro-enterprise, following the recent approval of a Decree-Law for the formation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that will come into force on September 20.

“The challenges remain the same – to have a source of obtaining raw materials that will allow us to exploit our potentialities to the maximum. That will also be our goal: zero limits on creativity.”

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