Entrepreneurial solidarity after the Saratoga Hotel events

After the events at the Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana, there have been many expressions of support and solidarity from the population. Cuban entrepreneurs are not exempt from this team.

While catastrophes of this magnitude call for order to prevail to assist the efficient distribution of aid, those who have come to help have done so brilliantly. A few hours after the events, Instagram accounts and WhatsApp statuses shared the call launched by “El Sitio de Rose” to collect donations for the affected families of the Prado 609 building, adjacent to the hotel. El Sitio, in turn, worked together with @uve_cuba, the German Embassy, the International School of Havana and people from La Colmenita.

The next day, the guys at Artecorte joined the efforts to collect debris and clean up at the Teatro Martí and thus activate the Telegram group Bici Solidaria, to mobilize the Havana cycling community to support the collection and distribution of donations.

On the other hand, Solo el amor, a project that emerged during the health crisis in Matanzas during COVID, united all its efforts for the families affected by the disaster. Few things can fill the emptiness these people feel right now, but love is certainly a good candidate. Lola Café, Montefreddo, Juanky’s Pan and Mandao, were among the enterprises that brought sweets and snacks to the victims, as well as to the fire department, rescue workers and the workers of the blood donation centers.

Similarly, the agency Taxi René joined in all logistical movements. Also worth mentioning is the work of Tarecolandia, Clandestina, Dar es dar, various projects associated with the Office of the Havana City Historian and the different mass organizations that have also joined the efforts.

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