A bicycle tour of Mandao

Mandao is one of those Cuban ventures that in recent years has gained more visibility among its own clients, many of whom recognize the couriers who ride around delivering “orders” throughout the city. But they are only the tip of the iceberg, Mandao is much larger and involves the work of several partners.

Using bicycles as a means of transportation already represents an ecological contribution, making this a responsible enterprise as its daily deliveries do not harm the environment and at the same time inspire other businesses to use this marvel on wheels.

The Mandao Communications team recently organized a bike tour in Havana to visit some of the main businesses that have partnerships with this courier company.

Our magazine spoke with Mayvic Delgado, creative director of MadWoman, Mandao’s communication agency, and learned the details of this initiative: “The collaborators were very important, the bike ride would not have been possible without all those people who opened the doors of their establishments to us with great enthusiasm. We also thank the Cubyke team, a travel agency whose main experience offered is to healthily travel around Havana on a bicycle.”

“Mandao is a very big company, the couriers we see with a backpack across Havana are only one part of this big family. Behind them are a form of partners, establishments and sites, and thanks to that association we have managed to make Mandao exist and undertake all those deliveries,” Mayvic explained.

Faced with the crisis sparked by COVID-19, this enterprise had to recover and set itself new challenges in order to be able to meet the huge demand it began to see, as in recent months many establishments that provided home deliveries increased their orders considerably. Meanwhile, other businesses incorporated deliveries into their production routines for the first time, as a means of surviving the lack of customers in their establishments themselves.

“Mandao became an opportunity for many businesses that did not have the home delivery service incorporated into their operating model and therefore would have had to close down and leave their entire team unemployed,” Mayvic notes.

The initiative of the bike tour was a kind of solution to the need that the communications team had to get to know in depth the new partners with whom it was operating, and to endorse the work with other established ones.

The bike ride became a way to celebrate and at the same time to remember that all these places can also be found through the Mandao app, which is now available and which represented a big effort for the brand. “It was a challenge since it is the first application in Cuba through which you can make a home delivery order without making a phone call; and the bike tour was also to celebrate that achievement for the company,” Mayvic explained.

Overall, the initiative of touring several businesses by bicycle was very positive. The organizers themselves believe that the public really enjoyed it. People were attentive to the activities that took place at each establishment and they commented, asked about the services, demonstrated interest in the offers, and many others joined the group pedaling through Havana to get to know the inside of the courier service, as a kind of X-ray of Mandao.

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