Five series on entrepreneurship that you can watch under lockdown

I am sure that during this quarantine, you have heard a thousand times that you must do something productive; that you should ready yourself. I have talked with friends who want to study, and others who, despite knowing how important it is to be ready for when everything returns to normal, right now they just want to watch Netflix and rest. For this reason, I recommend 5 series that every entrepreneur should see. I hope you enjoy them.




16 – 20 Public Relations for business. Prof. Francisco Longino

23 – 27 Strategic marketing. Prof. Raúl Benavides

30 – 03 Marketing and service quality. Prof. Emilio Mañalich

30 – 03 Photography. Prof. Carlos Merino


23 Emprende Workshop. Specialized modules: Marketing tools for your business.

26 The Topic of the Month: Tips to gain loyal customers and create promoters.

30 Emprende Workshop.



06 – 10 Marketing of services. Prof. Marlene Benítez

06 – 10 Advanced marketing. Prof. Javier Vázquez

13 – 17  Introduction to modern audiovisual techniques. Prof. Yoel Melián


13 Emprende Workshop.

16 The Topic of the Month: How to make my business feasibly profitable?

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