Atlas: A sports brand seeking the transformation of your body

Aimed at the commercialization of sports equipment and the promotion of training routines in several disciplines, the Cuban brand Atlas is a crucial option for those who seriously decide to get into the practice of physical exercise.

Its letter of introduction are the products and training equipment for use in gyms or personally at home, including sandbags, medicine balls and weighted vests, recommended for the maintenance of good muscle tone.

Within the extensive catalog “of proven quality and resistance”, according to the brand’s digital platforms, also included are punch bags (large, medium, Thai, barrel, small and mini), kick pads, in addition to large and small sports bags.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic imposed numerous restrictions related to citizen mobility and the temporary closure of spaces for exercise, according to its promoters, Atlas was a project that grew during this period of confinement.

Hence, in the first Local Development Fair Havana 2022, held from March 28 to April 3 at the ExpoCuba fairgrounds, its members participated in the modality of expo-sale and for them “it was a very positive experience.”

This comprehensive initiative also incorporates a gym recently opened in the capital’s Vedado neighborhood, on 5th Street between 4th and 6th streets, with two teachers in different training shifts and a schedule from Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

According to its motto, the brand aims to “help you achieve your goals for a healthier body and mind through high-intensity physical conditioning,” and, undoubtedly, it is impossible to resist such a goal.

The name is inspired by Greek mythology, in which Atlas was a second-generation titan, condemned by Zeus to carry the celestial vault on his shoulders, and based on this myth of strength and endurance, this venture was born “to transform your body with discipline and effort.”

In addition to the promotion of the equipment on offer, the professionals associated with the business offer recommendations on their use, history and the possibilities of combining them with other activities such as resistance races.

This is the case, for example, of the Bulgarian bag, a priori related to wrestling and, nowadays, incorporated into other sports, with multiple applications and grip possibilities, aimed at strength, skill and tenacity training.

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