Coffee, art and design

A stroll down Narváez Street in Matanzas before visiting “Por amor al arte” (For the Love of Art) is a must for coffee lovers.

In 2018, architects Wendy Pérez Lora and Rubier Bernabeu García decided to join the world of entrepreneurship in a unique way.

The aim of the managers of this Gallery-Café was always to link its design with the product sold; a space that offers only non-alcoholic beverages, and in which customers find something different through its comfort and good vibes.

Bernabeu explained that the pair chose a name that conveys modernity, that relates to the lives of architects and designers, and that can be easily recognized with symbols.

“We chose coffee as the star product because it is everywhere. It is a drink that encourages creativity and from a social point of view it is the perfect pretext for spending time and socializing with others.”

– What has it been like to join the world of entrepreneurship, and do you intend to collaborate with other businesses?

“It is impossible not to link up with other businesses because even the public demands it. Right now, we have a Local Development Project that aims to link coffee culture with design and generate creative spaces.

“On the other hand, we already have our sights set on becoming a MSME and the aim is to expand, cooperate and create national and international links.”

– In addition to coffee, “Por amor al arte” offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy several works of art. Who can exhibit in one of the most sought after sites in Matanzas?

“Our intention as artists was always to share the space with other creators. That is why customers find temporary exhibitions of photographs and paintings on our walls. Any artist who has something to say can find a space here.”

– What distinguishes “Por amor al arte” from other establishments on Narváez Street?

“In addition to the coffee, and with only 4 years since its creation, we already have our own products such as our exclusive syrup, the atmosphere we project, the space and the sensations that are experienced inside the premises, and the possibility of taking a break from everyday life.”

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