EMSI Farma, soluciones tecnológicas con sello cubano

Engineer Fernando Suárez has been leading a multidisciplinary team of engineers for five years, offering automation solutions to the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry.

Under the name EMSI Farma, since 2016 they have completed more than 20 works of recapitalization of equipment and production processes. So far, their legal status has been as self-employed workers, but with the approval of the new decree law on MSMEs, the team aspires to become a small technology-based enterprise.

“Obviously, being an enterprise and having legal status will give us a lot of facilities when it comes to having a contractual relationship, being able to access certain credits, being able to access certain facilities that state-owned enterprises have today,” Fernando notes.

The team has automated the hemodialysis solution bag filling line at the Sera and Blood Derivative Products Company, and offered technological solutions related to a filling and capping machine for vials at the Immunoassay Center, located on the outskirts of the Cuban capital.

At the AICA pharmaceutical laboratories, belonging to the BioCubaFarma Group, EMSI Farma automated the lyophilization systems of a vial washing and depyrogenation machine, as well as in two saturated steam autoclaves and various equipment related to the production of pharmaceutical water.

This pharmaceutical laboratory is currently developing a line of products for therapy against cancer, the second leading cause of death in Cuba, after cardiovascular diseases.

Registered at the Scientific and Technological Park of Havana, the engineers of EMSI Farma work to achieve Cuba’s technological sovereignty, and save the country a significant amount of money in the import of technologies and services.

“It is not a slogan, it is a reality, that technological sovereignty makes things work much more dynamically, we can have much more autonomy, and above all, you link many Cuban professionals in providing that solution.”

Daniel Andrés Hernández, one of EMSI Farma’s engineers, shares this view, as seen when he talks about the group’s dreams: “The projects we have for the future are the manufacture of equipment, the development of fault diagnosis and artificial intelligence in the control of pharmaceutical equipment.”

Cuban authorities assure that the new regulations approved regarding the creation of MSMEs have generated great expectation among entrepreneurs, and that other norms will soon come into force to provide a different vision of self-employment and restart the work of non-agricultural cooperatives. This will make possible the gradual recovery of the economy once progress is made in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, and tourism and activity in the non-state sector are resumed.

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