Four tips to achieve your goals

When I read the book The Lean Startup, there was a phrase that stayed with me forever: “Discipline is doing what you have to do, when you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of “discipline.” On thousands of occasions, we have to undertake activities even though we do not like them, be it because of their complexity, because they can be very monotonous, or because they lead to confrontations involving other people. Today I bring you four tips to make these activities more bearable.


Sometimes, even if the task is vital, we have the possibility to delegate the responsibility to someone else. Always consider if this is the case. Sometimes it is not essential that we do it ourselves.

Another possibility is that there is a colleague to whom this activity is not as bothersome as it is to you and in that case, you can swap pending tasks. In this way, you both make more progress with the work.


When tasks are very complex, breaking them down into small goals will help you to accomplish them. The objective is to do things little by little so that we are less bothered by them. It may take longer, but if the activity really bothers us, we will feel much better doing it this way.

Avoid distractions

Although this advice applies to all types of tasks, it is true that in the case of those that are more annoying we must try to focus as much as possible, since any distraction will prevent us from finishing it. Our brain will always look for an excuse to procrastinate, so when it is time to do something you do not like, try to focus one hundred percent.

Bribe yourself

This may sound ugly, but it works for me. When you have bothersome tasks to complete, give yourself a reward for accomplishing them, give yourself a gift. Having an incentive always works, try it.

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