Luly Salón: How does a beauty start-up succeed in times of COVID-19?

Luly Salón is one of the many women’s beauty salons in Cuba that have had to adapt to a new way of working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this beauty center closed its doors for a while following the arrival of the novel coronavirus to the island a year ago, and the guidelines of staying at home to stop the spread of the virus, it reopened several months ago after a transformation of the space in record time. Today its clientele are grateful, after long months in which amateur haircuts or homemade dyes were the only option, given the closure of hairdressing salons across the country.

Entering Luly Salón is therefore a totally different experience nowadays. Masks, protective screens, hydroalcoholic gel everywhere, the constant disinfection of surfaces and work instruments, have completely transformed this space, which continues to maintain high quality standards and loyal customers.

“We have adopted a work system that prevents and reduces the possibilities of contagion and, therefore, keeps clients and workers safe,” Lourdes Cuervo Serra (Luly), the Cuban entrepreneur who created this business 10 years ago, now located on the corner of 26th and 3rd Streets, in the Miramar neighborhood of Havana, told Negolution.

Luly Salón is the result of the determination and dedication of this courageous woman, who decided to fight for her dreams, with the support of a family of workers that today offer the place a particular hallmark.

Visitors will find a wide range of body aesthetic services: treatments to revitalize hair from roots to ends, balayage, highlights, cuts, hairstyles; elegant nail art following the latest trends; as well as various facial treatments.

“The public that visits us is very varied. It ranges from sui generis to conventional. I think the salon brings together a sample of who we are today as a society: very young people, more adult people, people with a lot of swing,” Luly explains.

Even as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Havana, a city of 2 million inhabitants, clients still opt to get their hair done here, because the guaranteed quality hallmark has now been joined by a strict protocol that prevents the spread of the virus.

“I felt the duty to provide a series of aspects that responded to everyone’s safety. That’s why we foresaw the physical distance between the nail and hairdressing stations, and designed a sanitary protocol that contemplates, as essential details, the mandatory use of masks and a way to sanitize hands at each site.”

In addition to the protocol described above, Luly Salón is currently working at half capacity, and a yellow tape separates the waiting area from those who, once inside, enjoy the services.

“So far everything has flowed perfectly. Both the clients and the workers are comfortable with the new dynamic of the salon, as they keep scheduling appointments for different times during the day,” Luly notes.

With a new way of doing things, Luly Salón is and will continue to be a place to fall in love with, and where taking care of ourselves, or opting for a new look, is always much more than an expense, it is food for the spirit. “I believe I have achieved exactly what I set out to do with this space. It couldn’t make me happier.”

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