Made by Hanny: Home to your favorite characters

Made by Hanny burst onto the scene of Cuban entrepreneurs in February 2021, with a space dedicated to the manufacture of cold porcelain figures. Customers can find their favorite characters from series and movies in key chains, ornaments and earrings.

“It started as a hobby, I was excited to take up the dream of creating a collection with Disney or Elpidio Valdés characters. More than economic benefits, I was looking for others, especially young people, to wear an accessory that would remind them of their childhood, that would identify them,” explains Hanny Valenciaga Díaz, who’s responsible for the project.

From San Agustín, in the Havana municipality of La Lisa, customers can enjoy miniature reproductions of Alice in Wonderland, Caroline or Harry Potter, and although most orders are placed from the capital, Hanny’s works reach the provinces of Matanzas, Artemisa and Mayabeque. 

Despite the difficulties that arise with the materials, Made by Hanny has made a strong debut in the world of small businesses, allowing its creator to combine her passion for cinema and handicrafts in the same space.

“I hope to gradually grow and make collections with limited copies, expand to other provinces and the international market. We also hope to soon have a website that works as a sales channel, and of course collaborate with other ventures.

“Creating Made by Hanny has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I feel proud to belong to this community committed to art and its future.”

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