Mauro's: un negocio inspirado en la maternidad

For children a swing is authentic fun, offering a sense of freedom and stimulating their imagination. That’s why Mauro’s, a family business as young as its proposals, promotes the creation of swings for babies; a novel initiative on the Cuban entrepreneurship scene.

Main manager, Ruth Díaz Quintero, comes from the art world, specifically the  Habana Compas Dance company, known for its unique style: performances using different percussion instruments combined with contemporary dance movements, Cuban and African rhythms.

That creative spirit, sensitivity and the recent birth of her little Mauro inspired the dancer and musician to create the first swing for her baby when he turned 6 months old. The piece was a result of the collaboration of Ana, her husband’s aunt, in terms of the sewing, and her uncle Ricard, who did the woodwork.

“When I saw his happy face, I thought of this option for mothers and fathers who go to great lengths to see their children happy, especially in times as hard as these, where going out to play or take a walk is not an option due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ruth explains. 

What solutions do you provide for your clients and how do you contribute to the childcare process?

“For babies this constitutes healthy and wholesome fun that helps them develop play and independence. Based on my own experience, I feel that a unique moment of complicity is established, and with just a little stimulus, the child laughs out loud.”

How feasible is this type of business in Cuba?

“We are experiencing difficult times as a result of the health and economic crisis and the existence of few resources that affect any business in the country. However, inventiveness, creativity and the need to get ahead determine the fulfillment and growth of the projects. First it was a hobby, an outlet in the face of confinement and the urgency to feel useful. Then, when I saw the demand, I took the business very seriously. Today we receive orders from several provinces and our creations are in countries like the United States.”

How does the process between Mauro’s and potential clients work?

“My first customers were friends, acquaintances from WhatsApp groups and neighbors. I have the advantage of being a first-time mother of a baby with the age range to use the swings I make. So, a sisterhood is established between me and my clients because we are looking for the same thing, we have the same concerns, we give each other advice or let each other know where there is a certain product. They let me know if any fabric that I can use comes into stock and in which store. Those who bought one for their children now ask me for others for their nephews and nieces. It’s really great and enjoyable, because they even send me photos and videos of the babies being very happy and then sleeping in the swing, and I experienced all of that myself.

How do you distribute the roles in the business?

“Everything is done as a family and teamwork is fundamental. I count on the help of Ana, as a seamstress; my sister-in-law Jenny, in the assembly of the swings, the braiding of the ropes and other functions; my uncle Ricard, essential in the creation of the poles that support the swing and, of course, the fundamental assistance of my husband Carlos who has been my right hand.”

Mauro’s professionals use fabrics, wood and ropes in the manufacturing process; the original designs are born from the team’s creativity or are special requests from customers and incorporate children’s motifs such as elephants, giraffes, bears, rabbits, cars, unicorns, crowns and, the most popular ones, Mickey and Minnie.

As an added value or distinctive hallmark, they incorporate the baby’s name embroidered on the product. “We guarantee quality and good service, we meet delivery dates and we personalize each swing. They arrive at homes to bring life,  happiness, smiles and make the smallest people of the house happy,” she concludes.

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