Mimitos Laura: Compotes “made with four hands”, one hundred percent healthy and Cuban

Tasty, healthy, one hundred percent natural, with varied flavors and the magic ingredient of being handmade by a couple of Cuban parents, is what distinguishes Mimitos Laura. A sui generis enterprise, the couple specialize in the homemade elaboration of compotes for children, and a wide variety of other products, including for people with conditions such as diabetes or gluten intolerance.

Laura Lefebre Barreto and her husband, Lino, are the managers of this project and they alternate their passion for cooking with the care of their one-and-a-half-year-old son.

“Our family project was born in the middle of 2020. The needs imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reinvent ourselves; and it has been a very positive experience, since it has allowed us to reach many people. During these months, we found many doors were closed to us, but there is always a window that opens, and that window has been Mimitos,” Laura, a graduate in Psychology, explains.

“Since the birth of our child, we have devoted ourselves to his social education, but also to a healthy food culture, which eliminates junk food and unnecessary high carbohydrates,” she adds.

Based on this essential vision, that seeks to promote healthy nutrition, a wide variety of products were created: one hundred percent natural, homemade, and without preservatives or added sugars.

“Depending on the availability in the market, we make as broad a menu as possible, and we always take great care with the fruits we choose because we know that there are many that are full of liquid or badly handled. In the elaboration of our products we use cassava flour or rice flour, both made by us.”

Another unique feature of this business is its commitment to a culture of recycling, accompanied by strict hygiene standards, as many of the products are destined for babies and very young children.

 “We are constantly recycling, and we always sterilize the containers before using them. We have made offers in exchange for containers for our products and fortunately there are mothers who have helped us with a lot of love and given us baby food jars. We have that support that has always been the fundamental basis of our project,” Laura and Lino proudly note.

This couple, united by love, parenthood and entrepreneurship, has big dreams for 2021, and one of them is to have their own business premises. “That way it will be much easier to serve our customers, because we will be available not only to those who see us on social networks, but also to those who are passing by, discover us and visit.”

“In Mimitos my husband and I share the ideas, the work and the merits or failures. We are in love with our project and the aim is to continue developing it and grow. It’s like our second child, so we are proud to see it growing and taking his own steps.”

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