ProLimpCuba: One of the winning businesses in times of pandemic

ProLimpCuba, a name alluding to the words professional and cleaning, is a private enterprise linked to hygiene and disinfection and, of course, one of the surviving businesses during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Caribbean nation.

But it wasn’t the corporate purpose of the brand alone that secured its success. The young people led by owner Jorge Montano redoubled their efforts to face the epidemiological crisis, based on detailed study and observation of similar companies in other parts of the world.

The first step was the creation of an Anti-COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol, shared free of charge with vacation rentals, restaurants and individuals, including the most economical techniques and processes for disinfection and chemical combinations, for a more effective and lasting process.

“We participated in the sanitization of a care home in Old Havana, one of the vaccination centers using the Abdala shots, after which we became a solution to minimize risks associated with the pandemic,” Montano explained.

The emergence of new variants of SARS-CoV-2 and the increase in risk perception also determined the growth of ProLimpCuba, especially within the diplomatic sector accredited to the country, thanks to the personalized service, perseverance and innovation.  

Still in the Self-Employed Worker (TCP) mode and in the process of evaluating the advantages and partners to become an MSME, the business offers seven cleaning services related to furniture, carpets, mattresses, car interiors, kitchens, floors and bathrooms.

“When we finish our work, everything must be in its right place. We also take into account that our implements do not affect pets, people or the environment, so we use products that do not contain chlorine, are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable,” Montano noted.

Generally, when facing a large-scale job, the team organizes a prior visit to the property to draw up a quote. The initial contact usually occurs from through the enterprise’s Facebook page, or through the WhatsApp number of the company.

The venture is a pioneer in the cleaning of furniture, today its star service, although the consolidation of its portfolio of proposals has led to numerous publications on social networks referring to the importance of proper sanitation in homes and workplaces.

Likewise, their motto is “You deserve to experience the difference” and this requires constant research of the best procedures according to surfaces to be cleaned, the products and methods of use, as well as analysis of a multiplicity of solutions with positive effects.

Founded in April 2014, ProLimpCuba’s communication is one of its essential tools: “We do not convince the client to hire the company’s services, but we explain to them the guarantees of keeping their environment free of germs and bacteria, and the difference between health and disease,” Montano argued.

“Clients frequently recommend us to others, and that is something we will never stop thanking them for: ‘Hi ProLimp, I am a friend/aunt/neighbor of the girl whose furniture you cleaned,’ is one of the messages we receive continuously. There, it’s clear that the customer was satisfied and that is our goal, our home run,” he concluded.

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