Promoting the best lifestyle using natural products

Since she discovered organic cosmetics in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ángela María Águila Alonso fell in love with a specialty that includes the elaboration of beauty products using active ingredients from plants, flowers and minerals and, unlike traditional cosmetics, does not use chemical or synthetic ingredients. 

“There was a shortage of hygiene products, so I was looking for alternatives,” explains the psychologist and professor at the University of Havana. “In addition, the use of facemasks and the stress of lockdown caused skin conditions, so I decided to try natural treatments.”

Based on her experience as a consumer and her fascination with the world of organic products, she created Estilo Natural, a store dedicated to the online marketing of cosmetic products made by hand and using only natural resources.

The company’s catalog includes more than 200 different items, manufactured by seven national brands that only come together in this virtual store.

Solid and cream soaps, gels, scrubs, facial, body and hair masks, shampoos and even incense can be found in the spaces created by Estilo Natural on Facebook and WhatsApp; two of the platforms where customers can interact with the creators, place orders and find advice on what best suits each skin type.

So far, Estilo Natural’s offers can only be accessed from the city of Sancti Spíritus, where the physical store is located. The products are manufactured in Havana and are transported more than 300 kilometers, as part of an interprovincial trade mechanism that could be the genesis of the expansion of the services of the enterprise to a larger number of territories, especially if we take into account the demand that its products have generated recently.

The marketing strategy has proved popular, not only of individual products, but also the combination of several of them in different routines that Estilo Natural has been outlining: to avoid stress, to deal with insomnia, to eliminate annoying sun spots, among many others, which have been conceived and promoted through the use of innovative digital marketing techniques.

In addition to respecting the environment, organic cosmetics avoid allergies and skin reactions, have a higher concentration of active ingredients and avoid filler ingredients, making them suitable for all skin types, especially for the most sensitive. That is precisely the purpose of this online store: to promote the best lifestyle using natural products.

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