Put some elegance into your kitchen

When it comes to in-house manufacturing, each company weights its pros and cons although flexibility, quick response to the market and customization stand out as some of the main advantages for customers. In a society like ours, we need people willing to manufacture and to dream.

“Putting elegance into your kitchen” is one of the main objectives of Home Deli, a medium-sized enterprise dedicated to the production and marketing of food and beverages. It was born during the pandemic to bring pre-prepared frozen and vacuum-sealed products to homes. “The idea was to become the chef that was missing in your home,” Diana Sainz explains.

New legal regulations in Cuba allowed Home Deli to open new points of sale of its products and those of other suppliers in two locations in the capital: Playa and El Cerro. From the tastiest tarts to wines and preserves, the store has become a much appreciated solution for customers and the expansion of its range of products has been successful. These two small supermarkets, for all intents and purposes, meet everyday needs.

“During the COVID-19 lockdown, we were forced, like many businesses, to rethink our strategies. Without tourism, and with two restaurants in Havana, we had to develop a new product to maintain our clientele.”

For Home Deli, health is prosperity. Using quality ingredients is part of its DNA and has always been the secret of Eclectic restaurant, located in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood, where the business emerged from.

The variety of the diet and the quality of the ingredients, mostly from Italy and small producers, is fundamental for well-being.

If asked about the key to success it’s simple: don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself; that is fundamental. “Weigh up the risks and understand the problem your customer has.”

To be successful you have to do things gradually. A daily, small but constant improvement and a pinch of affection and passion. “Being an entrepreneur in Cuba is not easy at all, but hard work pays off.”

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