Selva is committed to organic, unique and handmade designs

For Ana María Morales, the creation of handcrafted pieces is an art That has been passed down through her family. Thus, the creation of Selva and this “change in her professional life” were not such complex issues, although the business arose in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2020, despite the lockdown and the absence of some raw materials, Ana has used digital platforms to her advantage for the promotion and marketing of her ecological products, as have other projects and ventures in Cuba throughout the pandemic.

Currently, as an online store inspired by her own bond with nature, the knowledge about plants transmitted by her grandmother and the rural traditions of her ancestors, she advocates a concept associated with the environment and the creation of utilitarian items.

In her opinion, the combination of both elements faciliates the positioning within a wider and more diverse market of practical textile articles and natural cosmetics. The latter emerged strongly in response to the lack of such goods given the fall in imports in recent years.

According to Morales, the elaboration of the makeup is the result of exhaustive research and the growth seen in these two years is due, to some extent, to the support of friends and other businesses, the advertising efforts on social networks and interesting, colorful, innovative and suggestive proposals.

The products stand out for their environmental approach and message, the impact and social responsibility based on their link with community initiatives, female empowerment, the coordination of a circular economy network, training and constant citizen exchange on awareness, consumption reduction and recycling.

Running as a Self-Employed Workers (TCP) enterprise, one of its peculiarities is the contracting of services for the initial manufacturing of products, or intervention in one of the phases: artists, seamstresses and producers of organic materials are brought on board.   

Ana advocates the “handmade” aspect of all products, as an invariable resource within the business, since each creation is unique, original and unrepeatable with respect to the engraving of textiles and even the coloring provided by the plants used to make soaps.

Selva’s services, whose name alludes to the diversity, richness, freedom and greenery of the jungle habitat, include the sale, printing, and design of decor for different spaces, as well as the commitment to themes related to environmental care and activism surrounding animal protection.

The contact with customers is personalized and includes suggestions based on the history of each input and the characteristics of the various stages. Therefore, it is consumers themselves who often recommend their products, which have artistic, spiritual and utilitarian value.

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