Social marketing for change amidst the pandemic

These are times in which social marketing acquires, or should acquire, special prevalence in order to influence people’s behaviour to improve their health. Attitudes and habits must be modified to ensure better social wellbeing, using the tools and concepts of traditional commercial marketing.

Science is working hard to confront this pandemic that is changing people’s lives by the second; and companies or communications areas are obliged to support these efforts.

While social marketing has usually been targeted at specific sectors of the population, such as athletes, home-makers, smokers, etc… today society is demanding friendly products and/or services at the macro level to face this virus. One must think particularly in those individuals who still fail to understand the impact and consequences of their actions on the lives of others. Be it the importance of washing one’s hands, or using a face mask, or hygiene practices at home, among other aspects. How can we motivate them based on our products or services?

At a time when everyone asks themselves how to deal with their business accounts, and we understand that this is a worrying issue, we call on you to also ask this question – how can you apply social marketing to your enterprise, both internally and faced with external audiences? If not now, then when will we focus more on consumers and their real needs, instead of solely concentrating on our products? If not now, then when will our businesses cease to undertake a few isolated actions, in order to claim we are “socially responsible,” rather than having a real impact on society, or actually ensuring this is one of our main objectives? If not now, then when?

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