The world’s most popular Mexican beer comes in eco-friendly packaging

Corona has not only become a global phenomenon enjoyed in more than 180 countries, but following the impact of COVID-19, it is now the first beverage brand to reuse its barley for sustainable packaging.

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, some thought that the popular Mexican beer Corona would be affected, not only because of the global economic downturn, but also because of the association of its name with the virus. However, the reality was that sales reached similar figures to 2019. In addition, in March of this year, Corona became the first beverage brand to adopt the use of sustainable packaging, based on the use of leftover barley straw.

This idea of the scientists who make up brand owner AB InBev’s Global Innovation and Technology Center (GITEC), reaffirms the consortium’s commitment to the environment. Now, instead of discarding barley straw, as was customary, the brand combines it will 100% recycled wood fibers to create its packaging.

In this way, Corona becomes the first brand in the world to use this innovative technology, which will allow it to eliminate the need to use virgin trees and raw material in its supply chain in the future.

This process uses 90% less water along with less energy in its production and the resulting packaging is more strong and durable, facilitating its transportation.

The brand, linked to care of the environment and the natural world, has been developing new technologies and processes that mimic the way nature works, to form a natural cycle where no element is wasted; but its success story started in 1922.

It all began when a group of immigrants from Spain, led by Braulio Iriarte and Martín Oyamburu, decided to join together to form Grupo Modelo. Three years later, the first brewery was completed.

In 1926, the company began to brew its second beer and decided to call it “Corona,” without imagining that, ten years after its creation, Corona Extra would become the best-selling Mexican beer in the country.

In the seventies, Grupo Modelo entered the U.S. market, supported by the thousands of Mexican immigrants who were already familiar with its beverages. Then, in the eighties, it began to expand into South America and Europe. Currently, Corona Extra, a Pilsner-type beer with 4.5% alcohol, is the best-selling imported beer in the United States.

Grupo Modelo has 17 domestic beers in its portfolio, including Corona Extra, along with Victoria, Pacífico, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial and León, and also has ten brewing plants distributed throughout Mexico; two malting plants, a glass consortium, an aluminum container factory and real estate agencies.

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