Tips for organizing a meeting with your team

1-Define objectives

Often meetings become diluted or start to be repetitive and monotonous simply because we have not previously established a route to follow.

2-If it can be an e-mail, then make it an e-mail

The worst thing that can happen, both in terms of commitment and motivation, is that your employees leave with the impression that they have wasted their time. Avoid “informational” meetings, where you are the only one participating.

3-Meet at an appropriate time

Nobody likes meetings at 7:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. Find a time that is comfortable for everyone. The goal is for each participant to be as collaborative as possible.

4- Summarize and offer conclusions

Finally, it is important to make clear all the topics discussed and the agreements reached during the meeting. Doing it in a brief and precise way will allow a better retention of your employees.

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