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They say that they chose the name because of its sound, because the home is the center of their projects and because if there is a smell that immediately takes them down the path of memory lane, of being well, fresh, and at the same time sheltered, relaxed, happy; it is the smell of lemon.

“A scent that reminds us of a freshly cleaned house, the feeling of being barefoot with friends in summer, or the rice pudding and lemon peels of childhood. That feeling of well-being is what we aspire to achieve in our store and with our products.”

We visited this unique home decor store, which opened its doors in an apartment in the capital’s Vedado district a year ago, to talk to Jennifer Díaz Lima who, together with Enildo Díaz Lima and Dennys De Vales Fernández, dreamed up and made Casa&Limón a reality.

“We devised it as a fashionable home decor project, with a return to natural materials and textures. It was always clear to us that we wanted to offer a space with utilitarian objects, decorative accessories and a whole line of products for the home that were made in the country and that complemented each other. We wanted a place where customers could not only find an isolated object, but the ideal set for a specific area, for an environment,” Jennifer explains.

Rugs, mirrors, tapestries, baskets for living rooms, terraces or bedrooms, tableware and kitchen utensils, candles, handmade soaps and ornamental plants are just some of the products in Casa&Limón’s extensive catalog. All, made from natural materials such as wood, yarn, vegetable fibers or clay.

“We have a varied inventory that promotes local talent from creators and brands that have already made a space for themselves in the city, others that we have been discovering and we also have our own accessories. A few months ago we included a specialized area for children in which, in addition to decorations and furniture, we also offer toys.”

She explains that across the world, there are home decor brands with an international presence, global we could say, as well as much smaller ventures aimed at specific styles and segments. There is room for all of them, as is the case in Cuba. Numerous similar businesses have sprung up, but each one has something that identifies it and makes it different from the others. We asked Jennifer what distinguishes this store from other craft businesses.

“Casa&Limón offers fashionable decor for the home, with handcrafted items, yes, but the protagonists are not the products, but the homes they go to. They are the terraces that receive sun or shade, the rooms with large or small windows, with antique or modern furniture, the kitchens where people come together, the bathrooms for quick showers or to relax. The spaces, their history, the function they serve, all that is part of the experience of shopping at Casa&Limón, and that advice, that personalization, is part of the store’s charm.

“The other side that makes us different is the island style, the return to the natural, to textures, to more sober tones, closer to the earth; which does not mean that you will not find some explosion of color here and there, because in life everything is a matter of balance.”

The team works under the philosophy of always offering simple solutions that are not visually cluttered and can be combined, while at the same time fulfilling a utilitarian and aesthetic function that provides that extra dose of style and comfort, always with a vision of future growth.

“Expanding our catalog, including a wider range of textiles and furniture, launching new exclusive collections together with the usual entrepreneurs who accompany us, incorporating an online store, and, above all, ensuring that the team does not stop dreaming, that is the first step to continue growing.”

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