Two books for entrepreneurs

On other occasions I have told you about books that have marked my life as an entrepreneur. Today I bring you two more that, no matter what, you must read because they are capable of changing the way we see the world. In addition, they are material that we should always have to hand when we feel we need a guide or a boost.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Firstly, this is a fun book, in which the authors reveal the vital principles of winning ideas, and through examples explain why some work and others don’t. The 6 characteristics that an idea or message must have to stick in our brains are:

  • Simplicity: Find the key message you want to convey
  • Unexpectedness: Surprise with your stories
  • Concreteness: Connect with the real world through stories and sayings
  • Credibility: Your stories must be from credible sources
  • Emotions: Ideas that stick always resonate with people
  • Stories: The audience pays more attention to ideas that are part of a tale, story or anecdote

The 48 Laws of Power 

This is a textbook reading for anyone who wants to achieve success in business or in life. My advice is to read it like a school book, study it, dedicate a day or maybe two to each of these 48 laws, understand them and internalize them. It is important not to be confused by the similes with Machiavelli or other figures who have become infamous. The goal is to focus on what will make us better, more empathetic, more practical, more powerful.

Here are five of the laws:

  • Guard your reputation “with your life”
  • Court attention at all cost
  • Win through your actions, never through an argument
  • Plan all the way to the end
  • Discover each man’s thumbscrew
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