Viterbit: The platform that attracts and manages talent in your company

In 2019, the Viterbit team began market research for a future business, based on the difficulties noticed in other enterprises regarding the process of attracting and managing talent.

That preliminary research revealed that companies were conducting the majority of recruitment processes manually, without the necessary tools to measure the main indicators, strategies or means aimed at strengthening their brand.

In February 2020, just as the epidemiological crisis as a result of COVID-19 began in Spain, they launched the minimum viable product, allowing for the validation of part of a business and, thanks to measures such as teleworking, the project came to life and grew.

“If one thing is clear, it is that companies need innovative, intuitive and very powerful solutions for efficient talent management in an era where everything is constantly changing. The team is everything. No matter how brilliant the strategy, you will lose if you play the game alone,” the venture’s Cuban-born CEO, Dimitri Nicolau Gutiérrez, tells Negolution.

Together with Ariel Gutiérrez López, in the role of CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), and Marcos Gómez Vilches, as Technical Director, the business focuses its proposals on two types of clients: startups, whose teams are growing fast; and more established companies, with a recurring staff turnover.

“It is true that our proposition is interesting for the small and medium-sized business sector. They have a lot of experience in the use of technologies and that helps them to make the most of all the functionalities that we offer at Viterbit. But we are open to clients of all sizes and sectors,” Nicolau explains.

Based in Spain, the platform addresses needs that are shared by all companies. For this reason, they have clients such as the Salesian Schools Group, made up of 59 such institutions and more than 40,000 people, including students and teachers.

Other users include: NannyfyTv, an application devoted to educational content and children’s entertainment; the FinTech, Aplázame, from the Wizink group and Tracasa Instrumental, a public company of the government of Navarra specialized in providing services in the use of territorial information and information technologies.

Nicolau also mentions the newly created project Crowdfarming: an alternative for buying organic food directly from producers; and Grupo Sesé, a logistics company with a team of more than 9,500 people that provides support to companies in 18 countries.

“We developed software to optimize the entire talent attraction and management process. However, our vision is much more ambitious. We want to develop a platform that manages the entire talent cycle of a company: selection and recruitment, onboarding, engagement and offboarding,” he notes.

Currently, the tool offers many solutions: a builder to create a company’s Careers Site; the incorporation of vacancy listing websites to promote job opportunities; evaluation modules; an integrated communications system; video interviews; among other services.

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