Why are digital agencies necessary in Cuba today?

In the midst of an increasingly plural economic panorama, where the socialist state enterprise is no longer the only form of business organization, but coexists with self-employed workers, agricultural and non-agricultural cooperatives, local development projects and MSMEs, the strategies to be followed on digital platforms, rather than a luxury, become an essential weapon for each economic entity to be able to create its own market niche.

It is no longer enough to ensure the quality of the product sold or the service provided: it is also necessary to know how to “buy” the attention of potential customers with a strategy that leaves no loose ends, that communicates the potential of the business both on the Internet and on social networks.

Perhaps because of this new need opened up by the so-called boom of entrepreneurship in Cuba, agencies whose main objective is precisely to take charge of managing businesses’ digital platforms have also multiplied. In this way, entrepreneurs can concentrate on the heavy burden of creating goods and services, limiting themselves to outsourcing teams of highly trained professionals for such tasks.

“Leave that task to the experts,” should be the motto of every Cuban entrepreneur, in order to take advantage of people eager to do what they do best: plan and generate useful content for each project, depending on the defined strategy to be followed, automate and optimize internal and external processes, among other actions aimed at getting each venture off the ground.

It is even a question of economic feasibility: hiring an agency in Cuba will reduce costs for the enterprise and offer greater productivity by achieving its objectives in a more economical and specialized way.

Deciding which of the many agencies dedicated to this field on the island to use, and entrusting the management of this sensitive area to a specific one is a challenge, because the “chemistry” between the enterprise and its digital agency will, to a large extent, shape the success of the business.

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