5 consejos que los ayudaran a encontrar nuevos clientes

The number one objective of any enterprise is to have clients. Without them, our business simply does not exist. If we want to grow, it is essential to expand our position in the market. That is why in this issue I bring you 5 tips that will help you find new clients.

1: Clearly define the customer segment you want to target

It may seem trite, but on many occasions small and medium-sized businesses wear themselves out looking everywhere for new customers. With relatively scarce resources, the goal is to focus our efforts. Focus on the customers you want to attract as a company and accept that the entire market is not your goal.

2: Always maintain a consistent and coherent image on social networks

Do not neglect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. If you’re like me and you love memes, for example, adjust the privacy of your posts. Try to always offer a professional and welcoming image, and make yourself more visible to your community and sector.

3: Offer interesting incentives

Changing suppliers is a risk, so it is very important to offer a powerful reason for your future client to leave their usual provider and start doing business with you.

4: Constantly innovate

Try not to always offer the same. Reinvent yourself constantly. Create products and/or services capable of adapting to the specific needs of your clients.

5: Invest in advertising

Advertise in local media, industry publications, specialized online media and online business directories, to improve your natural market positioning and thus generate more business opportunities.

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