Mistakes your enterprise makes on social networks

Sometimes we are frustrated by the lack of our business’ growth on social networks, and the failure to use a tool as widespread as this to reach a greater number of potential customers. Here we bring you a list of common mistakes you could be making.

  1. You haven’t chosen the right social networks

This advice goes for both individual brands and companies. For example, I have about 54,000 followers on Facebook (FB) and almost 28,000 on Instagram (IG). According to this data, we should assume that FB is my main platform but that is not the case. The highest engagement and sales I generate are on IG because my target audience is more active on this platform. My advice is to try out several social networks and then boost your presence on those that give you the best results, but be patient.

  1. You do not post regularly

Sometimes I meet friends who complain that their page is not growing, that nobody pays attention to them. I listen to them and when I go to check their pages to understand why, I find that their last publication was almost a month ago. “If people can forget the love of their life in a month, why won’t they forget you?” In life, success lies in constancy. In an interview Auronplay, one of the most successful YouTubers in the world, explains that to begin with his videos only had 100 or 200 views. Perseverance led him to become known and to produce today videos with millions of views.

  1. You don’t have a homogeneous brand image

For some people this may seem silly, but on a personal level I believe that achieving a post style that identifies you will make the job easier for your followers. We usually browse social networks in a hurry looking for something that motivates us, and sometimes we just swipe away (and this is where the importance of a particular style comes in), but followers tend to pay more attention to the pages they already know.

  1. You use poor quality images

The times when we all saw pixelated images as something normal are dead. Even our mothers have learned to take pictures. As users of social networks we penalize images and videos that lack sufficient quality. It is as if we assume that anyone unable to take a good photo or video is also unable to tell us anything really important.

  1. You spend your whole time talking about your business

Yes, I understand that if you have a page for your business it’s because you want to sell, but that’s where the problem lies. People don’t use social networks to make purchases, as a first option. You have to amuse, inform, and entertain your audience. Generate content related to your business that will spark additional interest… and then, sell. I explained this in a reel on the Negolution page, but perhaps in the next BizAdvice we will go deeper into explaining the “sales funnel.”

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