Hello, I hope this quarantine hasn’t made you lose your strength. I wonder what our Havana negolutionaries have done this past month? Me, I didn’t stop working. I had nowhere to go, no one to visit, so I focused on working and creating. The truth is the time flew past for me. It was unbelievable. At first I was almost depressed, but then the days went by and I began to lose track of them; but on the other hand, I didn’t feel bad. When I was overwhelmed by the confinement, I tried to exercise at least three times a week, and that helped me channel my anxiety.

I can tell you that lately I am very happy, as I have noted increasing examples of productive linkages between the State and private sectors being televised. It has been confirmed that soon we will have a Law on Small and Medium Enterprises; and something that I believe will happen with more urgency is the appearance of the list of activities in which self-employment is not authorized. Something that we have been requesting for years; so congratulations negolutionaries, because your voice is being heard.

As always, this issue brings you many interesting and enjoyable stories, especially our international success story about LEGO. The company, which today is an empire, has allowed children, young people and adults, collectors or not, to create incredible worlds and universes with these little pieces. A hobby that in coronavirus contexts can make us more than happy.  

We also talk about Jíbaro, a revolutionary concept in gastronomy. These guys came to eat up Havana and they won’t stop until they manage it. We present you with Polilla 2.0, a fun initiative to learn and remember popular phrases, which also never ceases to surprise us with its ingenuity. Of course, our advice on how to promote your business on Telegram comes from the guys at Gerbet. This social network is gaining ground in Cuba and is an alternative that we cannot ignore, since it is super useful, especially when it comes to sharing information.

Finally, our cover features a guy who, together with his family, has created welcoming, warm and very well located Airbnb spaces, to make his clients feel like they are in the best place in the world when they visit us.

You’ll find much more in this issue, but we want you, our negolutionaries, to be the ones to discover the other stories. Don’t miss them – take a break from your busy day to read us, I promise you won’t stop learning.

Marta Deus

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