Dear Negolutionaries,

April arrives with a lot of energy. Starting this month, I have decided to face the day to day with a more positive energy. I don’t know how your first quarter of the year was, but mine was intense.

Sometimes not only in a bad way, and I have to say this because I am an ingrained optimist. The most important thing is that yours has been a year of good times, lots of learning and new business – I’m sure you’ll let me know!

This is a special issue, as it is the last one we will be providing in PDF format. Times change and we change with them. We reinvent ourselves and adapt to the new ways of receiving information. We are moving more towards the web and social networks.

You will continue to enjoy all the interesting content of our sections, stories from inside and outside the island, your favorite entrepreneurs and new ones that are starting out. Despite massive migration, there are still many who are launching businesses in Cuba.

This issue brings you the story of Famega, an incredible venture designed for the elderly and representing a great opportunity for Cuba, a country that has a rapidly aging population.

If you don’t already know about it, I invite you to stop by Casa&Limón, an enterprise with incredible taste. They have selected the most beautiful handicrafts and the most exclusive designs to decorate homes, offices or find a gift.

Selva is also a design business, which is eco friendly and a special place where you can enjoy amazing products. We also tell you the story of Home Deli, now famous for its sweet and savory pies. To finish we have the story of Apple – perhaps you have already seen the movie or read articles about it, but the story of an Empire always deserves to be shared.

Featuring on our cover is a very special person – a friend for many years and super entrepreneur who started D’Brujas and now owns Agua de Marzo, a venture helping customers to look pretty, which is so important for our own self-esteem and confidence.

Enjoy our last PDF dear Negolutionaries. We are waiting for you on social media and on the web. We bring surprises that will really help you with your business and to connect with others, which is fundamental. Much love as always dear Negolutionaries.

Marta Deus.

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