Dear Negolutionaries,

Here we bring you another issue of Negolution, full of unforgettable stories. I don’t know about you, but at times when I lose the will to go on, I think of all the people who keep on fighting. Also of those who wish they had a minimum of opportunities to conquer the world. I keep going for them and also for myself, of course.

Do you love, respect and value yourself? I hope you do, friends, as  it’s a basic principle to reach your goals. The famous phrase “If you don’t love yourself, who will?” is very true. Self-love, without going overboard, because then we would fall into other problems, is fundamental to know what we want, where we are headed and how we are going to get there.

In this issue we bring you incredible stories from outside and inside Cuba. Do you know the story of Starbucks? A company that turned its business model towards coffee. In the United States, it was a product that had few followers but, with a lot of ingenuity and marketing, this venture secured not only thousands of addicts but also spaces all over the world where you can enjoy a delicious coffee.

We also tell you the story of a company that contributes to the creation of construction materials using Cuban raw materials; a business to promote and support in Cuba.

For those of you who want to import your products, we begin a series of articles about this process so you can stay informed about the latest moves. It’s a step that is not at all easy, but is very necessary for the growth and expansion of our businesses, so follow us on this path!

On the cover we present strong, enterprising, creative women who love themselves and others. My fellow Negolutionaries, love yourselves, trust in yourselves, push ahead, do not stop dreaming and believing that you will succeed – I have no doubts about it! Full steam ahead, dear Negolutionaries!

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