El beneficio social, una de las premisas de Juanky ‘s Pan

The three sales points of this business maintain a dynamic relationship with the local community. Currently, its workers assist older people in adverse situations and call on other private businesses to join the efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Since its creation in 2012, Juanky’s Pan has been involved in activities of social benefit. “We were always clear that the different sales points of the business should establish relations with their neighbors and their surroundings. The idea is that they are happy, proud and feel supported by us,” states Juan Carlos Blaín, Executive Director and one of the founders of the brand.

According to this premise, the managing team of the business designed a strategy to help people over the age of 60 in a vulnerable situation, or who live alone, to reduce the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this sector of the population.

The initiative, Juan Carlos explains, was based on a meeting with representatives of the municipal governments of Playa, La Lisa and Marianao, all in Havana. The aim was to identify, in the first stage, the older people with these characteristics and, through an organized process, distribute a daily snack to them.

Juanky’s Pan decided to donate 100% of profits during this period to this purpose and, alongside the Club de Motos Eléctricas (MEC, Electric Motorbike Club), distribute the food at pre-established times, adopting the relevant health measures. The project began on Saturday, March 28, in Marianao.

Beforehand, the business had organized to provide snacks to staff at Family Doctor’s clinics in La Lisa, who were undertaking the efforts to identify possible coronavirus cases. Then, it began delivering snacks to its regular customers who were self-isolating, “to cheer them up a bit.”

Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, and as part of the marketing strategy, the business is boosting its home delivery service, and adding pre-prepared meals to its offers. “The aim is for our customers to stay at home, look after their health and, based on a recipe that is included, cook up some of our offers,” Juan Carlos explains.

Communications and Marketing Director, Carlos Arce, notes that to begin with, this new service only includes pizzas, but the aim is to add milkshakes using frozen milk and fruit, and an easily prepared sandwich, such as the ‘Medianoche.’ “For every ten sandwiches we sell, we give one free to people living with difficult economic situations,” he notes.

In addition, the different sales points drew up a plan to maintain production: reducing the sit-down service and encouraging home deliveries, while offering staff educational talks on the scope and spread of the pandemic.

Hygiene measures were also reinforced, with hand-washing facilities set up at the entrance of the La Lisa establishment, including chlorinated water and the use of facemasks. Likewise, working hours were cut, and any staff aged over 60 were sent home on full pay.

Other examples of the social responsibility efforts of this business over its almost seven years include: clean-up efforts at the Quibú River, in Flores neighborhood; donations collected from customers and staff for those whose homes were damaged by the tornado that hit Havana in January, 2019; participation in voluntary work initiatives and community activities; visits to homes of disabled persons, among others.

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