The return to green "Verde Verde" products

Green products have become fashionable, precisely because of the importance of their consumption and impact on health. Several Cuban enterprises and businesses have joined the good practices and the promotion of their use; Verde Verde is an example.

What Eva Odriozola Gonzalez and Ani Laura Pérez Santiesteban conceived in December last year has now become a space that promotes the consumption of healthy food.

“Verde Verde is the name we decided to use to reiterate that all our products are healthy, carefully elaborated and made with raw materials that are as natural as possible,” Ani Laura Pérez explains.

The store is concerned about processes such as recycling and community education, in order to take advantage of packaging that does not represent a risk to the environment. On the other hand, it promotes food free of chemical processes that, in the long run, can fatally damage our bodies.

The space offers two main lines of products: food and cosmetics. Both are produced by small Cuban enterprises with a high degree of seriousness and quality.

“We believe that green products are the way to a better quality of life. We have seen it in ourselves, in our friends and families. Maintaining a healthy diet is a decision we knew we would always be able o make in time,” she adds.

On the other hand, maintaining a steady supply from suppliers has become a mutual challenge; “they try to maintain the same line of products and innovate in the face of supply shortages, but it is difficult; for our part we are full of faith and know that we can always find a way to have our space filled with the products that our customers like so much,” Eva adds.

Deciding on this lifestyle takes a lot of time. If this team were asked for advice, they wouldn’t hesitate to say that giving organic foods a try provides a healthier lifestyle.

“The digestive system is our second brain and the two are connected. These are times to really take care of ourselves.”

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